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Versor Serto 80-200

Quick Overview
Versor Serto multifunctional folding and gluing machines from 80 to 200 cm wide, from 1 to 6 glue points


For 25 years, the Polish company Versor specializes in the design and manufacture of folder-gluers, has gained extensive experience and has a large base of installations around the world. The machines feature an innovative design, a wide range of options and high quality at the attractive price.

Versor Serto folder gluer

The robust frame and reliable working elements allow to process a wide range of cardboard, plastic or corrugated cardboard boxes, including the most rigid ones. The portal construction of fixing and fastening of moving elements allows to reconfigure the line quickly and conveniently by a single tool. Computer control system with touchscreen, remote control, intuitive operator interface provides short set-up times. Using a servo-driven modular design, the machine can be equipped with many extra  modules for additional operations and fast processing of complex types of boxes.
Machine versions (k1, k3, k4 or k6) produces straight-line boxes, double-walled boxes, crash-lock, 4 or 6 corner boxes. It is also possible to produce conical boxes, envelopes (e.g. DHL type envelope), mobile operator starter packages, tights packing, etc.). The machine is equipped with a pre-folding section and an injector gluing system by KAS (Germany) or Zator (Italy) as standard.
Although Serto width 160 cm to 200 cm has been specially designed for corrugated cardboard, the machine also allows processing boxes of folding  cardboard.

Versor Serto options

  • small-format attachment from 45 mm;
  • Vacumatic blank alignment system with two independently adjustable vacuum belts;
  • Inspector camera box quality control system with ejector;
  • high-speed printer for personalization, barcode, QR codes, etc .;
  • Braille embossing module BrailleMatic;
  • cold or hot (PUR) gluing system with nozzles and computer control;
  • central guide element along the all length of the machine;
  • Receiving PackMatic Vertical Boxes;
  • motorized DD machine setup, and many other options.

Technical data Versor Serto

  • Blank width, cm: 80, 100, 145, 160, 200
  • Max speed: 300 m / min.
  • Type of material: cardboard, micro corrugated laminated materials, foils
  • Type of packaging: boxes  with 1,2,3 (crash-lock  bottom),4 and 6 gluing points, conical packages, envelope packages CD type flat and spatial – type Z