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Slitter rewіnder for paper and cardboard La Meccanica Fumagalli TRM

Quick Overview

Special design heavy duty slitter rewinder for thick paper and cardboard


Slitter rewinder for thick paper and cardboard must have a special design. Slitting of large diameter and width rolls, cutting of heavy material, large winding diameters require a machine with a powerful frame, high material tension, pneumatically loaded circular knives, possibility of hydraulic loading and unloading of rolls, large shaft diameters. Italian company La Meccanica Fumagalli has been specializing in the production of such specific equipment for many years, and has a large base of installations.

Slitter rewіnder for paper and cardboard La Meccanica Fumagalli TRM - highlights

The machines are equipped with shafted or shaftless unwind for large-diameter rolls with76 mm, 152s mm, 305 mm cores. An air-cooled pneumatic brake ensures automatic tension control to maintain a constant material tension while roll diameter changes during rewinding.
A “Banana” roll is installed to flatten the material before cutting. The cutting group with compensating shafts and circular knives with80 mm is equipped with a shaft with pneumatic pressure. The lower clamping shaft avoids bending and guarantees the density of rewound rolls. A pneumatic lift is used to unload rewound rolls.
Automatic wed guides with the side drive on unwind and cutted edges aspirator are optional.
Depending on the diameter of the rolls on the unwind and automation level, the models TRML, TRMMP and TRM are available.

Technical Data Slitter Rewinder La Meccanica Fumagalli TRM

  • materials - paper and cardboard from 30 g/m2 to 800 (1000) g/m2;
  • roll width on unwind - 550-1800 mm;
  • roll diameter on unwind - 1250-2000 mm;
  • roll diameter on rewind - 1000-1500 mm;
  • min cut width - 25 mm;
  • max. speed - 400-800 m/min.