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Lithec LithoFlash Inline print quality control system

Quick Overview
Inline print quality control system for the new and existing printing presses from Heidelberg, KBA, manroland, RYOBI, Komori and others


Inline print quality control system by LITHEC (Germany)

Off-line systems for densitometric and colorimetric control for offset printing - such as Densitronic, Qualitronic (KBA), Inpress (Heidelberg), CCI, ColorPilot (Manroland) - have been used for a long time. Such systems usually has following algorithm: the printer periodically pulls out the printed sheet from the delivery of the printing press, lays it on the measuring table, the densitometer reads the density values from the control strip, the received data is compared with the master sheet values, and ink profile iautomatically adjusted on the print units.
There is a disadvantage associated with the human factor in this algorithm. The printer cannot perform the measurement operation often enought. Theoretically, measurements can be made every 150-200 printed sheets. But practically less, because nobody exempts the printer from other operations on the printing press.
The German company Lithec Gmbh has developed an inline print quality control system that operates automatically. The main difference from the above systems is that the measuring devices are installed immediately after the last print unit and can measure each printed sheet. Thus, the adjustment of the ink profile can be performed after the measurement of 6 sheets sequence.

What is the effect of LithoFlash® Inline?

LithoFlash® Inline system will significantly increase the effectiveness of a new or existing press. Relatively small investment will bring significant economic effect in a short time. Reducing of waste and shortening of the set-up times will immediately reduce the costs of print runs. Besides, stability of optical densities throughout the print run is ensured. Dramatically reduced number of sheet pulls and measuring will free up the printer for other operations on the machine.
A detailed report on the print run, including the measured print densities of all sheets, is stored in memory and allows checking and confirming the print quality.

Key points of LithoFlash® Inline

  •  can be installed on the new or existing sheet or web offset presses with a sheet / roll width from 35 to 205 cm manufactured by: Heidelberg, KBA, manroland, RYOBI, Komori and others;
  •  measures and dynamically adjusts the optical densities of process and pantone colors during printing (LithoDyn);
  •  keeps track of the values of gain and trapping;
  •  allows pre-setting the ink profiles on job changeover (LithoJobChange);
  •  provides Preset Draw Settings (LithoFlash® One Shot)
  • allows transfer of CIP data from a prepress process (LithoFlash®)

Benefits of the LithoFlash® Inline Offset Printing Quality Control System

  •  high economic effect due to the on the fly adjustment by LithoDyn;
  •  intuitive user friendly interface;
  •  wide selection of control strips;
  •  report generation, including optical print densities of the entire run;
  •  effective protection against contamination thanks to innovative glass/visor system;
  • long service life and low operating costs.